Company History


Total Benefit Communications (TBC), LLC, was founded as an employee benefit communication and education service provider.


TBC was acquired by Ascensus®. Ascensus is the largest provider of professional benefit education and TBC was the perfect complement to its existing services.


Total Benefit Communications, LLC – An Ascensus Company – is in a period of intense growth. With the focus and energy being spent on employee education, TBC is well-placed to be a major player in the benefit industry. The qualified professionals who make up our extensive proprietary national network are available for short and long-term projects. Combining experience and a background in investments, benefits, human resources, consulting, banking, and insurance, our team will enhance the relationship you have with your clients or employees. Many of the professionals in our network are fluent in more than one language and maintain various professional licenses or credentials. Our approach is convenient—no contracts, no commitments, and no minimums. When your organization has an event that needs our expertise, simply fill out a short form and send it to us. TBC finds the right person and keeps you up to date throughout the process.